Founded in 2001, the Evaco Group is today a leader in high-end real estate development in Mauritius. The achievement of various prestigious residential and commercial projects has earned the Group an undisputed recognition from buyers and professionals. Strategic choices, attractif products and excellence displayed on every level are the pillars of its success.

With the aim of extending its vision and expertise further, Evaco began an overhaul of its organisation structure that focuses on the development and complementarity of its three-core business: construction, property development and tourism through its rental management offer.

This vertical integration, both upstream and downstream, enables the group to master the whole chain of production and promotion of its properties over the long term, thus creating sustainable added value to the property investment. By controlling and optimising costs, the Group focuses on setting unrivalled standards of quality to provide the most competitive and attractive offer to our valued customers.

High-end real estate specialist in Grand Baie, the ultimate beach resort of Mauritius, Evaco Group offers a range of exclusive villas and luxury apartments for sale which ensure to foreigners freehold acquisition. Clos du Littoral is the 4th project of Evaco Group, which remains strongly committed to excellence in the conception and realisation of its projects.