The Mauritian tax system is real estate friendly. Several tax benefits attract foreigners wishing to invest in properties on the Mauritian ground to avoid double taxation, through an agreement with 46 countries around the world, including France and UK. Foreigners are not subjected to residential or property taxes.


Foreigners have the right to purchase property in Mauritius, only through the PDS “Property Development Scheme”, IRS “Integrated Resort Scheme” or RES “Real Estate Scheme”.

The Mauritian Civil Code is based on the French Civil Law in respect of real estate. The VEFA “Vente en Etat Futur d’Achèvement” is a contract formally used under RES, IRS & PDS acquisition. A GFA is also needed with this type of contract, which means that there is a bank guarantee provided to ensure the final completion of the project. This guarantee is provided to the buyer by a reputable bank or insurer.