Residence conditions related to the purchase of real estate under the RES scheme.

The foreign buyer is able to live six months a year on Mauritian territory without any special permits. However, if the price of acquisition exceeds the value of 500,000 USD (approximately 360,000 Euros) the buyer is granted a permanent residence permit.

Criteria for obtaining a residence permit without spending more than $ 500,000.

A residence permit enables foreigners to live in Mauritius for three years. After three years, any foreigner may, if he wishes to, apply for a permanent residence permit. The latter is valid for ten years, renewable on request.

Different types of residence permits can be issued to foreigners by the government of Mauritius.

Inventors Permit

For those wishing to start a business in Mauritius

Work permit

Be employed by a local company with a minimum salary of Rs 45,000 per month

Retirement allowed

For those wishing to live in Mauritius without working