Nautica Villas comes as the Phase lll of Clos du Littoral. This new concept sets a new benchmark in the real estate industry in Mauritius. Designed to reduce any pollution, carbon footprint and energy losses for a sustainable future, these eco-friendly villas have been adapted to their environment. Upscale and visionary, the project unveils a collection of innovative 3-bedroom villas in a fully secured environment allowing nature to take center stage. With a bioclimatic architecture that integrates elegance and eco-friendly resources, Nautica Villas is an inspirational model of sustainable living that blends comfort and wellness.
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  • Investing in a
    residential complex

    High-end residential complexes are highly successful in the Mauritian real estate market, largely because of the quality of the products offered. Buying a villa or an apartment in a secure residential complex eliminates many of the hassles that come with the property investment.
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  • Real estate:
    a smart investment

    The Mauritian real estate sector is booming and ensures its position as the most attractive sector of the economy in terms of investment. New concepts are created, prestigious services are offered and architecture is getting more and more sophisticated.
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  • Working and living
    in Mauritius

    The main advantage of the PDS is the eligibility to a permanent residential permit for any minimum investment of 500,000 US dollars. With the permanent residential permit, the investor and all his dependents can be domiciled in Mauritius and stay in the island for an unlimited duration.
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